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462CI TRE SBS SBC - Grudge Killer

SKU : 593-SBS-462
Assembled, Dynoed, Tested, & Complete with TRE Tuning

Optional Parts/Equipment
Valve Covers
Carb Finish
TRE Sheet Metal Intake
TRE Dual Carb Setup, Linkage, and Spacers
Water Pump Installed
Starter Installed
Custom Built Transmission
Custom Built Torque Converter
Billet Motor Plate Installed
Not Included

Call (281) 593-1440
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Assembled, Dynoed, Tested, & Complete with TRE Tuning

If you want to Grudge Race you need an engine that has been proven to win CA$H!. And the TRE Grudge program has done more winning in the last two years than most have done in 10, and we continues to do so. Your competition may have a TRE built engine. If they do, you might be in trouble. Don't be left without a winning combination. TRE is your GAP insurance provider!

See the Specifications section for more details.

Note: Every TRE engine is custom built to your specifications and there may be other options and upgrades that are also available. Call us (281) 593-1440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your specific needs.

Assembled, Dynoed, Tested, & Complete with TRE Tuning
  • Dart 9.5 Iron Eagle
  • TRE Canted Valve Nitrous Proprietary CNC Ported Heads
  • Callies Magnum Crankshaft
  • Comp Custom Camshaft
  • Oliver Maxx or Callies Billet I
  • Custom Wiseco, BME, or RaceTec Pistons
  • Total Seal Rings
  • Extreme Duty .904 Morel or BAM Lifters
  • Manton or Manley Thick Wall Pushrods
  • Jesel Proprietary Rockers
  • PAC or PSI Max Life Springs
  • Victory Titanium Valves
  • CID Cast Intake
  • TRE Billet Custom Calibrated 4500 carburetor w/ Billet Blocks & Boosters
  • 1 Speeedtech System Installed
  • Copper Head Gaskets
  • Billet Rail TRE Logo Valve Covers
  • High Volume Oil Pump
  • TRE Aluminum Billet Rail Oil Pan
  • Jesel Belt Drive Timing System
  • Vacuum Pump Kit Installed
  • MSD Crank Trigger, Distributor, and Wires
  • TRE SFI Balancer
  • ARP Studs and Bolts
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